Friday, November 19, 2010

I think I missed a few months....

Well I have been a little neglectful of this blog to sat the least. Keith made a comment a few weeks ago about my blog being lonely. Life is my only feeble excuse. It is still busy as ever trying to manage a family, work and get my training in. I don't think I need more hours in a day rather more days in a week.

In order to save some time and typing here is what I have been up to........

August - Volunteered at IMC in the medical tent. Lots of fun to see the race from that point of view.

Sept - Raced the Banff olympic distance tri....cold. Nothing like 11 deg water to almost stop your heart. Also ran the Melissa's 22km road race...not sure why it is so popular, kind of an average race. Went for broke and paid for it in the end...walked the majority for the last 2km. I knew it was a possibility that would happen but I wanted to go hard just to see.

Oct - Kind of took a little break after Melissa's for a couple or weeks. Mid month I started to get back into training and then got a nasty cold.....sidelined. Near the end of the month got news that my father in law had a chest xray and CT that was very suspicious of lung cancer. Lots of stress in the whole family meant lots of stress for me. Good news, first biopsy is non cancerous...bad news still do not know what it is. But I am convinced that my father in law taught Chuck Norris everything he knows.

Nov- My son's first birthday!!! I loved this little guy more and more each day. I smile just watching him sleep. One of the highlights of the day is when he is just about ready for bed and I get to sit down in the chair with him until he falls asleep.....awesome. Bad news.....hurt my back at work last week. I was walking around my patients bed and then had instant and severe pain in my lower back/butt/hip. Had to take a couple days off work and stop training for about 5 days. Good news....I am back to training and the back is about 95% better. It feel sore at times but no pain. I think today it might actually be "normal" now that I think of it. Funny how antsy I get when I cannot train.

But right now I am getting into a good routine. Hopefully things will be smooth sailing. Work is busy as always. I work 2 days, work 2 nights and then I am off for 5 days. My family time is pretty limited during my work stretch, my son is in bed when I get home from days, he is at the day home when I am sleeping when I work nights. I do manage to get some training in during my work stretch but the majority comes on my days off.

Here is a typical "day off"

04:00 - Feed my son a night bottle when he wakes up (usually around this time)
07:30 - Logan is up for the morning and so am I. Get him ready to take him to the day home
08:30 - Drop Logan off at the day home
08:45 - Breakfast
09:15 - Head to the gym for strength training
11:00 - Head home
11:30 - walk dogs
12:00 - Lunch, laundry, clean
13:00 - swim/bike/run depending on schedule
16:30 - pick up Logan from day home
17:00 - fed son, make dinner for wife, clean house
18:00 - eat dinner, play with Logan
19:00 - bath Logan
19:30 - Time for bedtime (Logan, not me)
20:00 - spend time with wife
21:00 - get Logan's things ready for the day home
22:00 - A little web surfing, reading or music to wind down
23:00 - bed time (for me)

Of course this is not set in stone and there are lots of other little things in there. But that is an average day. I have sat down many times to write blog update but just didnt have the energy at the end of the day. Maybe my time management will improve and in turn my blogging will?

For now I am doing what I can to keep this juggling act going. My next race is the hypothermic half marathon in Feb. For some reason I really like this one, it is a good off season run to keep me motivated. Other than that I am signed up for the Great White North half ironman and small race called Ironman Canada ;). Yeah....the next year is going to be just a bit crazy!