Saturday, December 25, 2010

Today's run is optional...did I do it or opt out?

I did not do it....yet. Just waiting for some turkey to digest and then I am heading down to the basement to get on the treadmill. It is only an easy 30-40 min run so its not a big deal. I had a great day with my family so I can feel better about not ignoring them on the holiday. Logan, at 13 months, just is not into the whole present opening just yet. The best part of the day was watching him running around the house with the new boxes and wrapping paper he got...forget the toys. Later in the day my wife cooked an awesome turkey dinner....I wished she cooked more she is great at it! And then lots of calls from both sides of the family, nice to hear from everyone!

We just put Logan to bed so I have some time to kill before I run. So why not try put a entry into my poor, neglected blog. Things on the training front have been awesome!!! I am feeling very strong and quite healthy. I have to admit that I am feeling good about running again. Its coming back, I really did need to tell myself to HTFU.

I am rocking what is essentially a new bike now. My old bike had a bit of an accident (its ok it was the bike and not me). It is amazing how carbon fiber splinters under pressure (insert sad face here). The only damage was the frame so all of my components were moved to teh new frame. I got a 2010 Kuota Kfactor racing edition. Luckily, Roy at Eurotech cycle, was able to get a portion covered under the crash replacement policy (even though it wasnt a crash). If anyone ever wants to know what happened I will tell you if I see you in person...I need to see the reaction when I tell you. But the good news it was only a few days until I was back in the saddle again...wheeewwww. I was going through withdrawal already.

My swim is coming along. I am just need to keep plugging away at it. I am feeling better about it everyday. Still swim just to get to my bike though, lol.

I am looking forward to my next race at this point. I am doing the Hypothermic Half in Feb. It will be my third time doing this one. I wish it was still at the Eau Claire start vs the Fort Calgary location but I will still run it. Races help keep me focused and the helps break up the winter.

Anyway I think it is time to get on the treadmill. I need to burn off some stuffing. And there are only 246 days until Ironman Canada ;).