Friday, November 25, 2011

Sorry, that is just hell freezing wait that is the ice on my knee

Maybe you thought it was the weather I was talking about but you would be wrong. I am writing a blog post!! And as always I always mean to do this long ago but never get the chance. But as of late...I just haven't wanted to. I have been dealing with an injury and that had taken a toll on my mental drive. I wanted to train so bad but was being smart and taking it easy. Last thing I really wanted to do at the time was sit and talk about it. Not that I think the injury was something to hide but I tended to get frustrated.

this all came about when I was doing a bootcamp. I love these bootcamps!! The day the injury occurred, we were doing lots of spinning and running. I am a triathlete, you would think this would be my happy day. I was on the spin bike and noticed my knee didn't feel quite right, not major, just not right. Throughout the 90 min class I ignored it and finished the class.

Soon after the class, my knee felt tight and I knew something was not right. It wasn't painful at this point and there was no swelling. Later that night it started to feel unstable and was locking and popping. And then eventually I developed an area that hurt when pressed. I did the usual RICE treatments and took a day off work. After 2 weeks it felt better, slightly. I could swim and bike but running was another story. The first day I ran I made it 2 or 3 steps and knew I wasn't going to be able to. I had some definite pain after the first heel strike on the affected knee.

The good thing about working in a Trauma ICU is the abundance of orthopedic surgeons we see. I was able to grab one and say "hey what do you think". He very quick answer was "your meniscus". Obviously I would need a proper workup to be sure. He advice was to take it easy and see how it felt (and come see him if things didn't get any better).

Soooo fast forward a week and the knee did start to feel better. I could no longer induce any pain and their was much less popping in the knee. So I got on the treadmill and did a whopping 5 mins, lol. It felt good but I knew not to push it. Next day I did 10 mins!!! Day after that it was 20!! I took a few days off and now I am up to 40 but it is a hard 40 now.The last 2 kms of my run I was able to hold down some 4:45 Km's and felt good.

There is still some occasional knee locking but I have had that before this injury. Well, not exactly the same issue, I had some cracking when I walked. I did have issues from previous sports injuries. But I am just happy that I can train again. I know you will read this Keith, so thanks for the support and info that you passed along, it helped.

I am back and I feel really good right now. I am starting to push it but I am going to be smart. Any pain and I will back off. I don't want this to be a nagging long term thing. I am just glad the hunger is still there and is showing no signs of going away.