Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Glutten for punishment.

As per usual, it has been a while. Lots of ups and downs the last little bit. I have been working a ton of OT at work, great for putting cash in the bank (definitely an up). On the down side is the whole family being sick at one point or another. My wife has a tough of the flu. My little boy had hand, foot and mouth disease. I felt so bad for my little guy, he was in pain. One of the features of this illness is blisters and sore in the mouth. He could not eat or drink without crying. Luckily he is back to normal. And then there was me, I got strep throat (again) and had an ear infection. The worst part is I think I perforated my eardrum. Although my Doc could not see the perforation she said that there still could be one. This has lead to a bit of a halt to my swimming. But things are on the up swing again. I feel pretty good, my hearing is improving and I did manage a swim today. I used a moldible silicon earplug and it worked great, thankfully.

But what about the title. I have always said that I did not want to do an Ironman to cross it off a bucket list. It was killing me to not be participating in this years race. One day my wife and I were talking and I told her this. Her response totally shocked me "well can you still sign up?". So yup, I am planning on racing at Ironman Canada again this year. The bad part is having to pay for a community fund spot. Wish I didn't have to pay almost double the normal entry but I will. At this point I am 95% sure I will be going again (who am I kidding...I am going). I have been training through out the winter but now I am more committed. Funny how a big race does that. Not that my eating habits have been horrible but I am gonna drop some of the weight I have been hanging onto since IMC. I am looking forward to long training days again, lol.

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  1. Oy, the community fund entry fee...that was a kicker. Yay for Ironman 2012 though! I'll see you there!

    Hopefully everyone in your family is feeling better.